Brevity Speaks Volumes

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Photograph by Anastasia Petrova BREVITY SPEAKS VOLUMES: So, why waste everyone’s time?

Contradictions are Bad

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Photograph by Evan Dennis CONTRADICTIONS ARE BAD: At first glance, your customer sets expectations about you. Whether it be your landing page, window or merely shaking your hand; they think they know a lot about … Read More

Justify your Customer’s Emotions

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Photograph by Will van Wingerden JUSTIFY YOUR CUSTOMER’S EMOTIONS: Often, something happens to your customer the moment she leaves your store. She regrets her purchase. Immediately, she goes to her friends seeking justification. If she … Read More

Selling Greatness

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Photograph by Jared Erondu SELLING GREATNESS: Everyone wants to be great. The question is: are you helping your customer become great? Greatness is something very hard to explain but easily felt. When you’re in the … Read More

SEO… Does it Really Matter?

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Photograph by Unknown SEO… DOES IT REALLY MATTER? Search Engine Optimization is simple. Google has a certain algorithm and writing content that works best with that algorithm is called SEO content – It shows up … Read More

Sitting Around the Dock

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Photograph by Jakob Owens SITTING AROUND THE DOCK: Have you ever been to a pool or beach party where everyone’s just sitting around looking at the water? Everyone wants to go in, but they don’t … Read More

The Approach

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Photograph by Jordan Whitfield THE APPROACH: How we approach our customer determines our success. Also, different environments require different approaches. Take a moment and think to yourself, “If I were a customer, how would I … Read More

The Right Tool for the Job

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Photograph by Todd Quackenbush THE RIGHT TOOL FOR THE JOB: One of your responsibilities is to provide value to your customers when they want to hear it. But, in 2016 this isn’t so simple. We’ve … Read More

What’s the Right Price?

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Photograph by Clem Onojeghuo WHAT’S THE RIGHT PRICE? Well, it depends on the value you give to your customer. Value is often something we misunderstand. As humans, we feel value is a simple calculation: ‘x’ … Read More