Justify your Customer’s Emotions

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Photograph by Will van Wingerden


Often, something happens to your customer the moment she leaves your store. She regrets her purchase. Immediately, she goes to her friends seeking justification. If she doesn’t get this… you’ve got a problem. Let me share with you a story.

Vienna Acoustics makes some of the most beautiful and best sounding speakers in the world. I’ll never forget the first time I heard them in the showroom. The salesman asked me to close my eyes and listen to Beethoven’s famous 9th Symphony, 2nd movement. It was an amazing experience. Honestly, in the middle of the piece, I could hear a violinist turn the pages of his booklet. The problem, they cost $4,000 a pair.

Now, the question is, “Are you educating your customer on the value of her new $4,000+ speakers?” This is crucial, because it’s not just about the experience you create within your store. You need to provide her with the tools necessary for her to share her excitement to her friends and family after she leaves.

Imagine for a moment, you buy these two beautiful rosewood Vienna Acoustic speakers. You have professional installers come in and make sure they are pointed in exact angles to create the perfect soundscape. You sit down and enjoy listening to Beethoven’s 9th once again. You hear the page turn. You’re feeling great and you invite your friend over to share this experience with you.

He comes over and you play the 9th. Then he says, “What’s the big deal?” Unless your customer can answer this question; she’s not going to feel so good about your product the next morning. This hurts repeat business and increases the chance of her returning the product.

So, provide the experience, but also provide your customer with the tools necessary to justify her purchase to her friends and family.