SEO… Does it Really Matter?

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Search Engine Optimization is simple. Google has a certain algorithm and writing content that works best with that algorithm is called SEO content – It shows up higher up on Google.

But, does it really matter? The answer’s, ‘NO.’ Repeat after me, “Content over algorithm.” Who cares if it’s harder for millions of people to find your content. Do you really want them reading it anyways?

When your content is really good… people share it. And, when you write good content over and over again… people love you. To borrow Seth Godin’s term, you’ll have a Tribe. A Tribe is a group of YOUR people. Not people searching for random things on Google, but people that want to hear about you and your product. People who you can provide value to. And, people who you provide value to will become your customers.

So, start now. Write quality content and who cares if it’s easy or difficult to find. If it’s good, the right people will find it. It’s only becoming easier.