The Act of Unbecoming

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Photograph by Keith Hardy

The Act of Unbecoming:

Today, I listened to Naval Ravikant’s conversation with Dr. Kapil Gupta available here.  Their conversation spans plenty of worthwhile topics and I wish to share with you the underlying topic of conversation, the act of unbecoming. 

Whether from G-d, nature or some other compromise, we are born alone, without personality and helpless.  Others quickly take responsibility for us and corrupt our nascent understanding of self-identity.  Voices are formed in our mind and we grapple with how to satisfy these helpers.

The early part of our life is the act of becoming, as we seek more external voices to fill our mind of what we should become.  We trudge forward, and discover these voices are not ourselves and begin the act of unbecoming, stripping away these voices.

Voice-after-voice, we remove them from our mind and begin to feel fear, as we cannot find the voice we call “our own.”  Terrified, many turn back and attach themselves to a voice and return to the act of becoming.  The courageous continue forward into the darkness and continue their act of unbecoming.

At the end of this tunnel lies neither what you expect nor desire; for if it were, it would not be there.