The Approach

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Photograph by Jordan Whitfield


How we approach our customer determines our success. Also, different environments require different approaches. Take a moment and think to yourself, “If I were a customer, how would I like to be approached?”

Are you selling a computer to an elderly people? If so, they may want to be approached immediately, because their intuition for technology is often less obvious than younger generations. Whereas, selling that same computer to a college student is far more hands off. They want to sit and play with the machine and determine if it’s the right fit for them.

So, we require some demographic work here. Drill down and determine which demographic profiles makes up a majority of your revenue. Name them (i.e. Elderly Ellen or College Craig), and create a process on how to approach them. Consider their expectations, wants and risks are. Create an experience that suits their wishes.

Now, test it. Work it out and conquer that niche for yourself.