The Journey

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Photograph by Zoltan Tasi


Like Dante, you came into existence with a question. Your question carries with it a journey. A special journey designed specifically for you. You’ll have guides, obstacles and insight.

A guide is a person who knows the path. She knows what you know not. This is important, as your journey requires you to evolve with the path. Over time, you will learn what the guide knows and move forward. A new guide awaits.

All obstacles are all self-generated. They exist to teach lessons. You will circle them indefinitely until you master them. Removing moral judgement from yourself and these obstacles alleviate most of the difficulty. Approach them head on. Understand them. Mastery comes quickly to those who approach correctly.

Insight comes from the natural order of the journey. It’s what you take home with you. It’s how you evolve. It’s how you will guide others.

At the end of one path begins another.