The Noise

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Photograph by Mohammad Metri

The Noise:

Around both success and failure, there's something called noise. Noise is the "stuff" which occurs around events. Noise is almost never good.

In football, there's the Superbowl; it's the biggest game of the year. Coaches and players work tirelessly through injury year 'round; competing to become one of the two best teams, to then play in a single-elimination game. When the dust settles, there's a lot of noise. Already, a player from the winning team has called his team a "dynasty" despite their single Superbowl victory. On the other side, a couple of players from the losing team have already retired. permanently defeated. The noise from the Superbowl doesn't end the day after, but continues on for days, months and years. This noise prevents players on both sides from reaching their full potential.
We all have noise in our lives. We've failed. We've succeeded. Nonetheless, noise is just a distraction. It gets in the way of listening.

Noise doesn't matter; whether it's internal or external. It doesn't matter if you win. It doesn't matter if you lose. It's what you do moment-to-moment which matters. Today, I want to challenge you to seek out this noise. Where does it come from? How can you ignore the noise and listen carefully to the needs of yourself and the world.

No matter what we do, the noise will be there. It's a sign of hidden treasure. It's the 'x' which marks the spot. When we zoom-in; like a magic eye, it reveals the true image.