The Weakness of Strength

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Photograph by Hassan Ishan


We all have strengths. When we look at our friends and family; we know their strengths. They may be friendly, polite, intelligent or strong. It varies from person to person and time to time. But, we also have weaknesses, and depending on how we view these weaknesses – determines how we treat others.

Imagine, you have a friend named Sarah. Now, Sarah is a wonderful person, but what you love most about her is her spontaneity and curiosity. You love how she’s always excited about something new. She adds value to your life, because she makes you travel outside of your comfort zone. Now, it’s important to realize that Sarah’s spontaneity and curiosity comes with a bag of strengths and also weaknesses. For example, Sarah is most likely the type of person to be late. She’s late, not because she doesn’t respect you, but because she’s off being spontaneous and curious. That’s what you love about her.

Sarah, in her lateness, is reflecting something called the weakness of her strength. So, how do we deal with this? We must learn to love Sarah for her strengths and be compassionate towards her weaknesses. It’s unkind to love and appreciate her strengths but fail to be patient or compassionate towards her when she’s late.

The same is with ourselves. When we err, we should attempt to see where this error came from. Most often, it came as a side effect from one of our strengths. This is a beautiful thing. We should appreciate our strengths and be compassionate towards our weaknesses.

Now, just because there’s a weakness; doesn’t mean we should ignore it. We should work on it, but always remain compassionate. When you learn to love yourself for your weaknesses; you’ll never distain another for theirs.`