The World’s Changing Again

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Photograph by Matt Pritchard


The world changed. In 1994, Amazon began their slow but sure conquest over the retail market. They’ve put tens-of-thousands of stores out of business. We used to go into stores, remember? Not just to look at products, but to buy then and there. But, Amazon innovated and we progressed.

Let’s take a moment and discuss what Amazon’s really good at. They’re exceptional at being the top result of almost every Google search, because of their large quantity of links. They’ve flooded the internet with basic facts, and Google delivers this to us.

But, the world’s changing again. In the next year or so, artificial intelligence will change the world. The way computers ‘think’ is improving. Soon, Google will be able to read webpages and judge them not based on the quantity of their material, but the quality of their content.

Here’s where we create value for our customers. Creating high quality content helps our customers on their journey. Instead of being lost on the path and wandering into an e-commerce giant; they’ll end up at our internet boutiques.

So, begin now. Create expert content. Your customers want it, and soon will find it easily.